2024 Spirituality in Practice: Embodied Imagination for Life and Liberation

Reading assignments from faculty of Spirituality in Practice.  Books and other content are added when received from faculty presenters. Please check back frequently for new additions.

Session 1: September 6-11, 2024 (in person)
Spirituality and Scripture
Faculty: Shively Smith

  1. Howard Thurman, Deep River and the Negro Spiritual Speaks of Life and Death, Friends United Press, 19875.
  2. Cole Arthur Riley, This Here Flesh, Convergent Books, 2023.

Spirituality and Justice
Faculty: Juan Carlos Huertas

  1. Patrick Saint-Jean, The Spirituality of Transformation, Joy, and Justice: The Ignatian Way for Everyone, Broadleaf Books, 2023.
  2. Cole Arthur Riley, Black Liturgies: Prayers, Poems, and Meditations for Staying Human. Convergent, 2024.

Session 2: January 11, 2025 (online)
Spirituality Embodied in Personal Life
Faculty: Frank Rogers

  1. Frank Rogers, Compassion in Practice: The Way of Jesus,  Upper Room Books, 2016.
  2. Dan Wolpert, Creating a Life With God: The Call of Ancient Prayer Practices, 2nd edition, APG Sales, 2023.

Session 3: April 4-9, 2025 (in person)
Spirituality and Discernment
Faculty: Luther Smith

  1. Elizabeth Liebert, The Way of Discernment: Spiritual Practices for Decision Making, Westminster John Knox Press, 2008.
  2. Luther E. Smith, Jr., Hope Is Here! Spiritual Practices for Pursuing Justice and Beloved Community, Westminster John Knox Press, 2023.

Spirituality and Compassion
Faculty: Sr. Kathleen Flood


Session 4: September 6, 2025 (online)
Spirituality Embodied in Relational Life
Faculty: Frank Rogers

See readings for Session 2 above.

Session 5: January 10, 2026 (online)
Spirituality Embodied in Vocational Life
Faculty: Frank Rogers

See readings for Session 2 above.

Session 6: April 17-22, 2026 (in person)
Spirituality and Creativity
Faculty: Julian David Reid

  1. Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way, Tarcher Books, 1992 (30th anniversary edition, 2016).

Spirituality and Creation
Faculty: Ray Buckley