One-Year Academy

What is the One-Year Academy?

The One-Year Academy, Spiritual Formation in Today’s World, is a new offering from The Academy that invites a 50-to-60-person community to come together online for 4, 3-day sessions every three months to engage in community, wisdom teaching, worship, and stillness. Each session is led by one faculty person and by a three-person leadership team comprised of Retreat Leader/Theologian, Worship Leader, and Zoom Hospitality/Covenant Group Coordinator.

Two-Year Academy Brochure

Who is the One-Year Academy for?

Spiritual Formation in Today’s World is for all who hunger for deep spiritual experience, especially in today’s world. Participants at previous Academies are welcome, as well as those who have never been to an Academy retreat. If you are in need of community, wisdom teaching, worship, and stillness, please don’t wait for the next in-person gathering. Join us today.

What does the One-Year Academy cost?

Tuition: $1,500 total (payment can be made up front or spread out over the four sessions)
Application fee (non-refundable): $20.00

What, when, and from whom will you learn at a One-Year Academy?

For 2021, Spiritual Formation in Today’s World includes:

Session 1: Meeting God in Our Longing
February 25-27, 2021 (Thurs – Sat)
Faculty: Amy Oden

Session 2: Meeting God in Our Healing
May 20-22, 2021 (Thurs – Sat)
Faculty: Safiyah Fosua

Session 3: Meeting God in Our Reconciling
August 19-21, 2021 (Thurs – Sat)
Faculty: Ray Buckley

Session 4: Meeting God in Our Justice-Seeking
November 4-6, 2021 (Thurs – Sat)
Faculty: Luther Smith