This month, the Academy Podcast features a word from Alexia Salvatierra. The content comes from her lecture at last December’s online Academy Day Apart retreat called, “Hope in a Time of Despair.” Alexia explores the immigrant and refugee experience through the lens of hope, likening it to the hope of a woman in labor. They have faith that on the other side of the hardship, there is new life that is a fulfillment of God’s dream for their lives—a life where they not only survive but thrive.

Rev. Dr. Alexia Salvatierra is the Academic Dean of Centro Latino and the Associate Professor of Integral Mission and Global Transformation at Fuller Theological Seminary.  She has over forty years of ministry experience, including as a missionary in the Philippines, in Spanish-speaking and English-speaking congregations, as a legislative advocate, as the founder and director of multiple non-profit organizations and as an international speaker/training/consultant.  She was the co-founder of several national initiatives in the arena of engaging the Church in the immigration crisis. She is the co-author of Faith-Rooted Organizing: Mobilizing the Church in Service to the World and Buried Seeds: Learning from the Vibrant Resiliency of Marginalized Christian Communities.

Show notes:

Episode tracks: “Far Side of the Sea,” “Versailles,” and “Fearless” by Amy Stroup, used with permission.

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