Conversation with Luther Smith

Today’s conversation features Luther Smith, who is an ordained elder in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, longtime Academy faculty person, and

Conversation with Luther Smith2020-11-09T01:00:51-06:00

Conversation with Rev. M Barclay

Today, we’re joined by Rev. M. Kaiser who is the co-founder and executive director of enfleshed, a nonprofit creating and facilitating

Conversation with Rev. M Barclay2023-12-12T11:18:41-06:00

Conversation with Lanecia Rouse

In this episode, Claire is joined by Lanecia Rouse Tinsley who is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Houston, TX, and

Conversation with Lanecia Rouse2020-09-14T15:50:50-05:00

A Conversation with Amos Disasa

Today's conversation is with Amos Disasa, senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Dallas, TX. The conversation, recorded at the end

A Conversation with Amos Disasa2020-08-10T20:00:17-05:00

A Conversation with Amy Stroup

Our new music is from today’s conversation partner on the podcast, a Nashville based singer songwriter, Amy Stroup, who graciously offered

A Conversation with Amy Stroup2020-08-04T00:07:55-05:00

A Conversation with Ben Boswell

In this episode, we’re joined by Ben Boswell, Senior Pastor of Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina and Two-Year

A Conversation with Ben Boswell2020-07-08T00:10:05-05:00

A Conversation with Dan Wolpert

In this episode, we’re joined by Dan Wolpert who is Academy faculty, Upper Room Books author, Upper Room eLearning facilitator and

A Conversation with Dan Wolpert2021-05-10T20:09:01-05:00

A Conversation with Lisa Yebuah

Today, Claire is joined by Lisa Yebuah. Their conversation encompasses everything from antiracism to sitting on the mourner’s bench to sabbath

A Conversation with Lisa Yebuah2020-07-08T23:52:58-05:00