Academy #40 Required Reading

Reading assignments from faculty of Academy #40 held at the San Damiano Retreat Center in Danville, CA. Books are added when received from faculty presenters. Please check back frequently for new book additions.

Session One: July 29 – August 3, 2018

Wilkie Au: Attentiveness to the Word

1. God’s Unconditional Love: Healing Our Shame, by Wilkie Au and Noreen Cannon  Au (Paulist Press, 2016)
2. Abide: Keeping Vigil with the Word of God, by Macrina Wiederkehr (Liturgical Press, 2011)

Roger Owens:  Traditions of Christian Spirituality

1. We Drink from Our Own Wells, by Gustavo Gutierrez
2. Thirsty for God, by Bradley Holt

Session Two:  October 28 – November 2, 2018

Marjorie Thompson:  Spiritual Disciplines

  1. Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life, by Marjorie Thompson (preferably the Newly Revised Edition, WJK Press 2014)
  2. Invitation to the Journey, by Robert Mulholland

Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life, by Marjorie J Thompson, (preferably the Newly Revised Edition, WJK Press 2014)
Invitation to the Journey, by Robert Mulholland

Rabbi David Horowitz:   Hebrew Spirituality

  1. God Was In This Place and I, i Did Not Know by Lawrence Kushner
  2. The Message of the Psalms by Walter Bruggeman

Session Three:  February 17-22, 2019

Sr. Kathleen Flood:  Roman Catholic Spirituality

  1. Simon Tugwell, Ways of Imperfection (Templegate Publishers, 1994) Link to publisher to order for $18.95 plus shipping:
  2. Mary T. Malone,  Four Women Doctors of the Church: Hildegard of Bingen, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2015)

Ruth Duck:  Liturgy and Spirituality

Ruth Duck, Worship for the Whole People of God (Westminster John Knox Press, Louisville, Kentucky, 2013).
Eunjoo Mary Kim, Christian Preaching and Worship in Multicultural Contexts (Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN, 2017)

Session Four:  May 5-10, 2019

Fr. John Mefrige:  Orthodox Spirituality

  1. Christopher Veniamin , The Orthodox Understanding of Salvation: “Theosis” in Scripture and Tradition  (Printed book available at
  2. Igumen Chariton, The Art of Prayer: An Orthodox Anthology


Marilyn McEntyre:  Spirituality and Embodiment

  1. Thomas Ryan ed, Reclaiming the Body in Christian Spirituality,  (Paulist Press, 2004)
  2. Stephen Nachmanovitch , Free Play:  Improvisation in Life and Art by (Putnam, 1991)

Optional Readings:

  1. Suggested by Marilyn McEntyre: Patient Poets: Illness from Inside Out (UC Medical Humanities Press, 2013)
  2. Suggested by Fr. John Mefrige: The Way of a Pilgrim: and The Pilgrim Continues His Way, R.M. French (translator)

Session Five:  July 28 – August 2, 2019

Robert Benson:  Prayer and the Art of Discernment

  1. Thoughts in Solitude by Thomas Merton
  2. The Rule of St. Benedict

Leticia Guardiola-Saenz:  New Testament Spirituality

  1. The  Spirituality  of  the  Gospels by Barton C. Stephen.  (Eugene,  OR:  Wipf  and  Stock Publishers,  2005.)
  2. The  Spirituality  of  Saint  Paul:  A  Call  to  Imitation by Frank J. Matera.  New  York:  Paulist  Press,  2017.

Session Six:  November 10-15, 2019

Amy Oden:  Protestant Spirituality

Barbara  Holmes,  Joy  Unspeakable:  Contemplative  Practices  of  the  Black  Church.  Fortress  Press,  2017  (revised  edition).
Gregory  Clapper,  As  If  the  Heart  Mattered:  A  Wesleyan  Spirituality

Hy Le:  Spirituality and Ways of Healing

David  Steindl-Rast,  Gratefulness,  the  heart  of  prayer:  An  approach  to  life  in  fullness.  (Ramsey,  NJ:  Paulist  Press, 1984).
Ronald  Rolheiser. Sacred  Fire:  A Vision  for  a  Deeper  Human  and  Christian  Maturity.  2014.

Session Seven:  February 16-21, 2020

Elaine Heath:  Spiritual Leadership in Local Faith Communities

Elaine  Heath, The  Mystic  Way  of  Evangelism:  A  Contemplative  Vision  for  Christian  Outreach  (Revised  and  Updated  2nd  Edition,  2017)
Peter  Block,  Community

Hee Soo Jung:  Christian Spirituality in Global Context

Diana  L.  Eck, Encountering  God:  A  Spiritual  Journey  from  Bozeman  to  Banares Beacon  Press,  1993
Philip  Jenkins, The  New  Faces  of  Christianity, Oxford  University  Press,  2006

Session Eight:  August 30 – September 4, 2020

Ray Buckley:  Bearing Witness to the Reign of God in the World

       Horse Sense for People, by Monty Roberts
       Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion, by Father Gregory Boyle.

Additional Reading: Choteau Creek: S Sioux Reminiscence, by Joseph Iron Eyes Dudley

Luther Smith:  Sustaining Our Life in Christ

Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth, by Walter Brueggemann (Fortress)
Intimacy and Missions, by Luther E Smith, Jr. (Wipf & Stock)

Additional Reading: Jesus and the Disinherited, by Howard Thurman (Beacon Press)