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Theme: Healing a Broken Heart

Faculty: Jerry Webber’s topic is “Engaging the Psalms for Wholeness” and Mary Earle’s topic is “In the Company of Myrrh Bearing Women”

Contact: Pat Luna at [email protected] or Kathy Norberg at 850-324-1015 or [email protected]

Sponsors: AWF UMC Conference, North Alabama UMC Conference, Alabama Diocese of the Episcopal Church, and The Upper Room

Faculty Reading List:

Mary Earle

  1. The Women around Jesus by Elizabeth Moltmann-Wendel
  2. The Cure for Sorrow by Jan Richardson

Additional suggested reading by Mary Earle:

  • Broken Body, Healing Spirit by Mary C. Earle
  • Beginning Again by Mary C. Earle
  • Days of Grace by Mary C. Earle

Jerry Webber:

  1. Walter Brueggemann, Praying the Psalms: Engaging Scripture and the Life of the Spirit (2nd edition, 2007)
  2. Norman Fischer, Opening to You
  3. Stephen Mitchell, A Book of Psalms

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