Academy Bulletin - March 2018

Friday, March 23, 2018

Healing doesn't mean cure. Healing means God's deep action in our lives to make us whole.

-Sister Kathleen Flood, Academy Podcast, Episode 7 (Listen here!)


Time and again, we hear from Academy participants about the healing power of The Academy model. Everything from praying the hours to nightly Eucharist to covenant groups to silence to plenary sessions to free time combine to offer people the space they need to heal and grow, listen and love.

Of course, it isn't the model that heals; it is God's healing power working through the model of The Academy that ushers in deep, abiding peace in individual's lives. 

Sister Kathleen's words on healing and wholeness in this month's Academy Podcast remind us of God's healing work in the world, and we are grateful The Academy is one of the places where this kind of transformation takes place. 

If you or someone you know longs for the time and space to heal, join us at the next Two-Year Academy in either Danville, CA (begins July 29, 2018) or Gallant, AL (begins August 27, 2018 near Birmingham, AL). Learn more here

The Academy staff joins you in the prayers that heal our own hearts and the heart of the world. 


Let us PRAY. The Leadership Team Retreat to prepare and plan the first Five-Day Academy in Tobago begins this week! This Five-Day is sponsored by the Methodist Church of the Caribbean and the Americas and will take place October 22-27, 2018. Please hold these leaders in your prayers. 

Let us GATHER. The Academy Advisory Board met in Danville, CA at San Damiano Retreat Center (the site of upcoming Two-Year Academy #40) March 2-5, 2018 to plan, pray, discern, fellowship, and vision for the years to come. We give thanks for their leadership, presence, and service on behalf of The Academy! 

Let us LISTEN & SHARE. You can listen to current and past episodes of the Academy Podcast hereShare with others as an introduction into The Academy and its years of breathing wisdom and love into the world. 

Let us READ. As a reminder, these books from Upper Room, many of them authored by Academy faculty or alum, offer insight into healing and wholeness. 


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