A Challenging Opportunity

Friday, January 22, 2016

In March of 2015, B.A. Miskowiec (Academy #34) lost a beloved aunt. As the year neared its end, B.A. had an idea for how to honor their relationship and her aunt’s memory in a special way.

On December 3, B.A. issued a challenge to the Academy #34 community:

Some of you know that I often combined my trips to Camp Sumatanga with a visit to my aunt in Alabama. We always had a special bond and she was extremely supportive of me. She loved hearing about the Academy, what I was learning, the people I was meeting, and especially how God was working in my life.

My aunt left me a monetary inheritance. I am donating a tithe to the Academy in the amount of $6,250. This gift will go to the John Mogabgab Academy Leadership Endowment. A gift to that fund will help make the Academy more self-sustaining and will help ensure the work of the Academy for years to come. Do you think you all can match (or even exceed!) my donation?

B.A. explained that if the rest of Academy #34’s donations reached $10,000 by New Year’s Eve, she would match the overage with an additional $3,750 gift.

By the evening of December 31—through gifts large and small—the members of Academy #34 met B.A.’s challenge! A total of $20,000 was raised for the endowment as a result of B.A.’s ask and Academy #34’s response!

“The Academy has had the single greatest impact on my spiritual growth,” said B.A. “I’m just grateful that I was able to give back. It's also a lesson to me that no amount is too small. My husband and I are headed toward retirement, and I’ll probably never have an amount as big as that again, but I can still give, and you and God can do big things with it.”

Thank you, B.A. and Academy #34, for this act of generosity that reminds us how God works through our relationships to bless not only ourselves but also others.