“The Academy is a carefully designed program in spiritual formation that has proven its value for hundreds.  It gives participants an opportunity to deepen their spiritual life in a manner unequalled by other programs in spirituality that I’m acquainted with.” 

Dr. E. Glenn Hinson, retired seminary professor and author of many books including Spiritual Preparation for Christian Leadership

"The Academy is getting to the heart of the Chuch."

Trevor Hudson, South African pastor, author and widely sought after speaker.

“The two-year Academy for Spiritual Formation has been a gift of time and space to learn how to be sustainable in ministry.  There I could drink deep from the well and be filled and discover once again that God’s grace is sufficient.”

The Rev. Cindy Gregorson, District Superintendent Minnesota Conference, The United Methodist Church


“The Academy has been an answer to prayer and has provided me with the rich spiritual nourishment I needed to give me renewed strength and enthusiasm for my faith journey.  The times for prayer, silence and reflection have been invaluable, and being part of a Christian community seeking to grow closer to God and to each other in order to better share Christ’s love with the world has been a true privilege.  It is an experience that has changed me in ways for which I will be forever grateful.”

Lori Lonergan, Layperson from Wisconsin


“The Academy has shown me the way back to God.  At the 30th anniversary of my ordination, I was burned out.  As I complete the two-year Academy, God has given me new birth and called me to a new congregation, which looks to me as a guide in their own journey of ministry transformation.  I look forward to the 33rd anniversary of my ordination with expectation of a renewed journey.”

The Rev. Quentin J. Fleming, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Hagerstown, Maryland


“The Academy fulfills a unique place in the lives of Christians reaching for deeper spiritual growth, whether clergy or lay, whether leader or participant.  I have never known a spiritual frontier which combines such a wide spectrum of Christian experience: the academic teaching, the spiritual guidance, the liturgical experience, the small group depth encounter and sharing, and silent reflection – not only balanced, but interwoven through the days.  Yes – it changes lives, including mine.”

The Rev. Flora S. Wuellner, retreat leader, spiritual guide and author of many books including  Feed My Shepherds


“The Two-Year Academy has broken me open, healed me, and nurtured lifelong friendships with friends of God.”

Chris Evan-Schwartz, Layperson from Iowa


“The Academy provides one of the most holistic programs of spiritual nurture available today.”

Dr. Robert Mulholland, Vice-president and Provost, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky


“The Academy for Spiritual Formation is the finest and most comprehensive, ecumenical non-degree program in spiritual formation in this country.”

The Rev. Marjorie J. Thompson, Director of the Pathways Initiative a program of Upper Room Ministries, Nashville, Tennessee.  Author of the book Soul Feast


“I know there is an acute need in the Church today, and I can’t think of any program that is more likely to support and challenge one’s discipleship and relationship with God than the Academy for Spiritual Formation.  Twenty years of teaching them has grown my knowledge and experience of Academies very deep!  The Academy experience is so often a catalyst for deep and abiding growth and is a window into gifts and challenges of the Spirit to an individual and the Church which can go unnoticed for a lifetime.”

Hazelyn McComas, Academy Faculty and Advisory Board Member